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Chad & Nattida and Nat & Chanida
Unveiling of the NEW Helo LX
Wor(l)d International Convention
Presidents & Above

The Helo LX

"Have you seen this new Life-Sensing Wearable Technology?

Welcome to a piece of technology that has the power to change your life; quite literally. The Helo allows you to monitor your vital signs 24/7 - fully equipped with the most advanced and accurate sensors on the market.

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"Never say NO to an opportunity until you've had a chance to hear the offer"

Global Expansion

WOR(l)D is opened in 195 Countries worldwide which allows for a true global business.

No Competition

Quite frankly, we embarrass the competition. In wearable technology, no other product offers what we do. In the networking marketing industry, we are leading the change!


Bill Gates says, "The secret of success in business is detecting where the world will go and getting there first." And the world is heading towards wearable technology!

Residual Income

You have Residual Bills. Why not have Residual Income? After all, that's the true key to financial stability & success. And with WOR(l)D, we've never seen anything more simple and lucrative!


It's not about what works. It's about what duplicates. Our simple system is the driving force behind our viral growth!

Time Freedom

For the first time in the history of home-based business, we are truly building from HOME! Now that is what we call rue time freedom.


The WOR(l)D Opportunity

Get paid to share the HELO!

We have a simple model for Helo customers to take advantage of; a unique rewards program. If you share the HELO with others we'll compensate you for it, everytime. Want more details?

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The secret of SUCCESS in business is in detecting where the world will go and getting there FIRST.

Bill Gates

You have two choices: You can make a living or you can design a life.

True leaders don't create followers. They create more leaders.

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